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Indicative terms and conditions signed for financing of “Mustakillikning 25 Yilligi” project

Terms and conditions of bank funds raising have been determined for the project for development of “Mustakillikning 25 Yilligi"

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EPC- contract was signed with ENTER Engineering PTE Ltd

EPC- contract was signed with ENTER Engineering PTE Ltd. for construction of gas processing plant and infrastructure facilities on a turn-key basis.

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Surhan Gas signed the License Agreement to use technologies for natural gas treatment and sulphur production processes

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – SURHAN GAS CHEMICAL OPERATING COMPANY FC LLC (Surhan Gas) has signed the License Agreement with SHELL GLOBAL SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL B.V. (Shell) to use the Shell’s process licenses, including technology for the removal of sulphur components, carbon dioxide and other acidic components from natural gas, as well as sulphur production process, on M-25 project.

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The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan visits Mustakkiligining 25 Yilligi gas field developed by Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company

On April 30, Shavkat Mirziyoev, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, visited Baysun district and reviewed the progress of implementation of project “Further Exploration and Development of Mustakkiligining 25 Yilligi Gas Field”, including construction of the gas chemical facility in Surkhandaryinskay region of the Republic of Uzbekistan on conditions of the Production Sharing Agreement.

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2D Seismic works have started at the investment block of “Uzbekiston Mustakillikigi”

As part of implementation of the Production sharing agreement in relation to the investment block of "Uzbekistan mustakilligi", SURHAN GAS CHEMICAL OPERATING COMPANY FC LLC (hereafter - the Operator), has begun the 2D seismic works at site. These works that were started ahead-of-schedule are part of implementation of exploration works related to the Project

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Construction of five appraisal and development wells for Upper Jurassic carbon-bearing carbonate complex of the “Mustaqillikning 25 yilligi” field

“SURHAN GAS CHEMICAL OPERATING COMPANY” increases scope of works on appraisal and development drilling for Upper Jurassic carbonate -bearing complex of the “Mustaqillikning 25 yilligi” field.
On March 14, 2019, a contract was signed with the winner of the competition bidding — “ERIELL” company for the construction of five appraisal and development wells for Jurassic deposits. At this stage, the preparatory works for drilling of five appraisal and development wells are performed. The drilling works will be performed by five drilling crews using echelon type rigs ZJ70DBS with a deadweight of 450 tons. The drilling rigs are equipped with a top drive, three Triplex F-1600 flush pumps and diesel generator sets with total power of more than 3000 kV.

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Implementation of the “Early Gas” program has begun at the “Mustaqillikning 25 yilligi” field

The program is aimed at to the additional exploration and development of gas deposits in Lower Cretaceous terrigenous sediments. The start of production of low-sulfur gas is planned before the launch of the gas processing plant.
The first stage of this program involves the drilling of exploration wells.

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Andrey Filatov took part in signing of agreement to develop 25 years of independence field in Uzbekistan

On October 19, 2018, during the state visit of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Uzbekistan, a Supplemental Agreement was signed to the Production Sharing Agreement regarding the Independence of Uzbekistan investment block in the Surkhandarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The document signed in Tashkent provides for the establishment of the single investment vehicle SURHAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED to attract project financing, and approves commercial terms of the project, including production split between the Government and the Investor.

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The opening of renovated kindergarten in rabat village, Surkhandarya region.

The renovated pre-school educational institution No.10, named “Orzu” kindergarten was opened On April 7, 2018 in “Boshrabot” district of Rabat village. The investors of “Mustakillikning 25 yilligi” (hereafter – the Project) field development had made a proposal to renovate the kindergarten in Boysun district of Surkhandarya region. Big amount of disassembling and construction works were made in short period of time, including manufacturing and installation of a new transformer substation, combined boilers, modern children’s swing, chutes, sports inventory

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Drilling of an appraisal well was started at the Mustakillikning 25 yilligi production field

As part of the production sharing agreement regarding the Uzbekiston Mustakilligi investment block, the Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company started the drilling of an appraisal well on the Mustakillikning 25 yilligi production field in order to confirm the hydrocarbon reserves.

Currently, reserves at the Mustakillikning 25 yilligi production field and Uzbekiston Mustakilligi investment block are estimated at more than 100B cu m of natural gas.

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