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About the project

SURHAN GAS CHEMICAL OPERATING COMPANY was founded on May 04, 2017 in accordance with Resolution of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan PP 2948 dated May 03, 2017 for the purpose of implementing oil and gas operations under the Production Sharing Agreement in relation to “Uzbekiston mustakillligi” investment block with supplementary exploration and development of “Mustakillikning 25 yilligi” field and construction of gas chemical facility in Surkhandarya Region of Republic of Uzbekistan concluded between the Republic of Uzbekistan and an investor consortium consisting of: AltMax Holding Ltd. (Cyprus), Gas Project Development Central Asia AG (Switzerland), and JSC Uzneftegazdobycha (Uzbekistan).

According to the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan, SURHAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED was founded, which assumed all rights and liabilities of investor consortium under PSA. 

Project implementation includes two stages:

I stage – development of “Mustakillikning 25 yilligi” field with construction of gas processing plant with capacity of 5 bln cub.m of gas annually.

II stage – development and approval of design documentation, arrangement of financing and construction of gas chemical facility with capacity of 500 thous. tons of olefines.


Project implementation will allow to:  

Increase export opportunities of the Republic both in sales of natural gas and products with high added value - polymeric materials and products made of them.

Provide the population and industry with fuel and power resources, which will provide the impetus for development of energy-dependent industries and will make the region attractive for investors.

Create more than 1000 new jobs.

Perform geological survey of “Uzbekiston Mustakilligi” investment block with the area of 3980 sq.km.


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