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Staff is the main value of the Company and is an integral part in the fulfillment of tasks and achievement of the Project goals. Our employees are professionals and experienced managers, employees and workers of various disciplines with extensive experience of work in both foreign and local companies. Most of our employees speak several foreign languages ​​and communicate confidently with our foreign employees and partners. When establishing any standards or practices in the Company's activities, practices of leading companies are always taken into account and considered, and the best of them are adopted. We pay much attention to further professional development of our employees, and work is underway to train our employees and to exchange their experience in international foreign companies.

A career at Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company is an opportunity to gain versatile experience, to apply and to develop professional knowledge in a wide variety of fields, including engineering, construction, advanced drilling technology, finance, project management, etc. The Company strives to increase the efficiency of personnel management by introducing advanced technologies in the field of recruitment, appraisal, motivating, training and developing employees. The practice of interaction with specialized universities is introduced to attract young, talented, eager and responsible staff, for whom Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company is the beginning of a career and an opportunity for further growth. Only the best of the best work with us!

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