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Conform to the best global standards on project management in the gas and chemical industries. Be a leading company in the region due to the consistent growth of efficiency in business and production processes, security guarantees and employee satisfaction.


The enterprise has an approved Policy for industrial security and protection of labor and the environment, which has been developed in accordance with local regulations, rules and documents, and was based on best practices in this area.

Security of production is a fundamental principle for Surhan Gas Chemical. Everybody in the company follows the principle of incident prevention. Any employee of Surhan Gas Chemical or a partner company has the right to report a potential danger, which will immediately stop the production process. Employee competency in the area of security is constantly increasing thanks to the trainings and education implemented.

Surhan Gas Chemical wants to create a safe and healthy working environment at its facilities, and conforms to regulations of applicable law regarding security and health protection at the workplace.

Surhan Gas Chemical uses innovative ecological technologies and the most effective methods for protecting the environment and preserving the biological diversity of the regions where it implements its projects.


The company upholds its policy of responsibility to society, its employees, their families and business partners. Surhan Gas Chemical considers it important to make a contribution to the economic and social development of the region where it operates.

Employees and management of Surhan Gas Chemical demonstrate honesty and integrity in all situations. A positive business reputation and efficient production processes are the key benchmarks for each employee.

Particular attention is also given to creating the best work and recreation conditions for employees at the project sites, helping them improve their health and prevent diseases.


Surhan Gas Chemical operates according to the principle of information transparency, guaranteeing all interested parties the right to receive reliable and up-to-date information about its activities. Our human resources policy is aimed at providing equal opportunities to all employees, irrespective of their national and religious affiliation, political views, personal beliefs, gender, lifestyle and age.


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