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Lead Communication and Security Systems Specialist

Lead Communication and Security Systems Specialist

Key job responsibilities:

  • Analysis of design documentation developed for construction of oil and gas processing facilities in terms of IT and communications;
  • Review and approval of technical proposals from equipment vendors;
  • Participation in preparation of technical design assignments and in development of methods and procedures for information complexes and systems in accordance with codes and standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as applicable international standards and recommendations;
  • Coordination of activities of contractors aimed at ensuring installation and commissioning of equipment and software of information complexes and systems in accordance with established regulations, requirements of technical and design documentation;
  • Monitoring the status and correctness of installation and commissioning. Acceptance of works;
  • Development of requirements for necessary equipment and spare parts in accordance with the project plan and the scope of expected work;
  • Preparation of documentation for ordering the necessary equipment and spare parts;
  • Tracking the status of their orders and working with procurement department to receive orders on time;
  • Organization and implementation of tasks to ensure the functioning, repair of equipment, introduction of new information complexes and systems;
  • Control over equipment of the plant with all the equipment of information complexes and systems provided for by regulations.

Key Requirements:

  • Experience in design, installation, commissioning and operation of communication systems, information systems and security systems (KITSO) for at least 5 years;
  • Knowledge of data structure and information processing algorithms;
  • Knowledge of computer architecture and computer networks;
  • Knowledge of the basics of modern programming languages, operating environments;
  • Knowledge of design and functioning of modern information systems;
  • Knowledge of design and functioning, principles of development of the following systems:

- Data transmission system;

- Dispatch communication and warning system;

- Telephone communication system;

- Radio communication system;

- Process video surveillance system;

- Information security system;

- Security alarm system;

- Access control and management system;

- Post communication and alarm system;

  • Experience in manufacturing plants;
  • Knowledge of local and foreign legislative, regulatory, methodological and legal acts in the field of communication and security systems.


·        Five-day working week, from 9-00 to 18-00;

·        Company office in Tashkent;

·        Readiness to travel.

In future, readiness to work on a rotational basis, or to fully relocate to the process facility.


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