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Contract Manager

Main responsibilities:

  • Identifying, evaluating, and resolving Contracting issues during the EPC phase of the Contract.
  • Review of EPC Contract Baseline.
  • Review of EPC Contract requirements.
  • Review and comment on the division of responsibilities.
  • Review of Key EPC Contract management documents.
  • Review of EPC Contract management procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with insurance requirements set out in the EPC Contract.
  • Monitors any potential incidents of loss/damage likely to lead to an insurance claim. Subsequently, correlates and reviews supporting documentation for any insurance claims resulting from accidental loss/damage to material/equipment, either upon receipt of goods or during the construction period.
  • Ensure EPC Contractor provides and maintains the correct Performance.
  • Determine any additional administrative procedural requirements.
  • Soliciting legal advice, when required.
  • Review of the Project records management system.
  • Checking and evaluation EPC Contract Changes; Project Variance Notices, Requests for Change, Change Orders, Amendments, etc.
  • Ensure comprehensive implementation of the EPC Contract Close-out procedures; Final Account, EPC Contract Closure Certificates, etc.
  • Ensuring EPC Contractor complies with warranty requirements.
  • Ensuring the EPC Contract is properly managed and administered.
  • Administering the EPC Contract so as to ensure the terms and conditions stated therein are fulfilled.
  • Managing Change by controlling the EPC Contract: scope, cost, schedule and quality of the Project through scope changes and Contract change documents e.g. Change Orders, Variations, Amendments, etc.
  • Managing Project risks minimizing Owners exposure to financial and legal liabilities.
  • Reviewing EPC Contractor reports for areas of concern and potential claims, delays, etc.
  • Attends weekly EPC Contract Administration meeting.
  • Reviewing and checking the adequacy of the Project records management system and ensuring the Owners and PMC team, together with the EPC Contractor use it to furnish a written record of the chronology of the Project execution.


  • Higher education;
  • Ideally a professional qualification (or working towards) in Procurement, Surveying or other relevant profession;
  • Knowledge & understanding of procurement processes including: ethical principles; bidder prequalification; invitation to tender; comparative evaluation of contractors; & award, management, amendment & close out of contracts;
  • Appropriate practical experience in preparation and negotiation of complex technical contracts;
  • Demonstrable general knowledge & understanding of the technologies utilised by oil and gas operators;
  • Demonstrable general knowledge & understanding of commercial, legal and insurance issues affecting the Company in general;
  • In depth knowledge & understanding of different means of contractor remuneration & their commercial implications, practical experience of their use, & sound ability to select & draft appropriate provisions;
  • Basic understanding of the technical domain in which the job-holder's clients operate;
  • General knowledge & understanding of Company's business functions, with "in depth" understanding of the Contracts function & how it adds value, and a commitment to deliver added value;
  • Ability & willingness to facilitate/chair any meetings required to conduct the activities of the job.


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