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Chief Specialist (GPP) - welding of process pipelines

Chief Specialist (GPP) - welding of process pipelines

      Key job responsibilities:

·       Monitoring the performance of welding works at the GPP (job description), coordination of the Contractor's work and technical supervision.

·       Participation in the review and approval of work production projects (PM) and Technological maps (TC) by type of work.

·       Participation in the consideration and approval of changes in design solutions arising during the construction of facilities, together with designer supervision.

·       Accounting and monitoring of receipt of project documentation.

·       Control over the implementation of the project schedule.

·       Control of the timely execution of executive and technical documentation.

·       Acceptance and signing of the completed scope of work.

·       Monitoring (status) of work performance.

·       Participation in working commissions for completed construction projects

·       Control over the elimination of the issued comments based on the results of inspections.


      Key Requirements:

·       Knowledge of the technology of welding process pipelines, the norms of the Republic of Uzbekistan, international standards.

·       Experience in the oil and gas sector, experience in the construction of gas processing complexes is an advantage.

·       Knowledge of the technology of works on installation and steel tanks, installation and assembly of technological equipment, HVAC systems will be an advantage.

·       Higher education by profile.

·       Availability of NAKS certificates (VIC, RK, UZK, PVK) and advanced training courses are encouraged.

·       Russian - fluent, English - at least intermediate, preferably fluent;

·       Confident PC user and possession of special programs used in professional activities;

·       Ability to work with the package of MS Office applications, AutoCAD.


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