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Chief Specialist for Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Chief Specialist for Chemical Analysis Laboratory


  • Considers and ensures implementation of process of review and approval of developed design and estimate documentation for chemical-analytical control disciplines in accordance with approved design procedures and rules, and approved project implementation schedule;


  • During review and approval of design estimates, interacts with EPC Contractor and Engineering Contractor/Subcontractors in order to ensure the required scope and time of engineering in strict accordance with approved project implementation schedule;


  • Provides consulting and explanatory technical support to Contractor/Subcontractors on engineering issues within the scope of chemical analytical laboratory discipline, within the framework of the existing approved design specifications, the requirements of the current rules and regulations, as well as the standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan and applicable international standards;


  • Participates in technical evaluation of equipment and materials vendors within the scope of chemical-analytical control discipline. Controls the technical part of equipment and materials procurement in accordance with the requirements of design specifications;
  • Prepares information, analytical data, reports on the results of performed work during development of design estimates within the scope of chemical analytical laboratory discipline and provides it to the line and/or functional manager;



  • Work experience: at least 8 years in the discipline/in the oil and gas industry at least 6 years

Must know:

  • Legislation, guidelines and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the main international standards and rules in terms of chemical-analytical laboratory control, chemical reagents;
  • Requirements for composition, development procedure, coordination and approval of design documentation, in accordance with the established standards and requirements, carried out by the designer during engineering in terms of chemical-analytical control, storage of chemical reagents, diagrams of process facilities;
  • Knowledge of development procedure and ability to read design documentation;
  • Knowledge of design features and purpose of laboratory equipment, rules of their operation;
  • Knowledge of design features and purpose of process sampling devices;
  • Knowledge of methods for conducting chemical-analytical and physical-chemical tests of GPP products;
  • Knowledge of control methods of process facilities, water facilities (formation, feed, drinking, waste water), natural gas, oil products (transformer, lubricating oils), reagents and solvents, commercial grade liquid sulphur and lump sulfur;
  • Knowledge of laboratory equipment operation philosophy;
  • At the commissioning stage, starting of laboratory instruments, calibration, testing of measurement procedures and method setting; verification and validation of measurement methods;
  • Knowledge of laboratory accreditation rules;
  • Knowledge of rules for certification of laboratory equipment;
  • Knowledge of the requirements for documentation of laboratory equipment, measuring instruments, test equipment, auxiliary equipment, sampling equipment;
  • Knowledge of the requirements for chemical reagents, precursors, state standard samples;
  • Requirements and rules for laboratory work, preparation of technical requirements for laboratory equipment;
  • Development of working manuals for operation and safe work of devices.
  • Knowledge of PC software: MS Office, AutoCAD.



  • Five-day working week, from 9-00 to 18-00;
  • Company office in Tashkent;
  • Readiness for long business trips to the construction site;
  • In future, readiness to work on a rotational basis, or to fully relocate to the process facility.


10A, Fidokor str., Tashkent


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