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Cathodic protection chief specialist

Cathodic protection chief specialist


  • At least 5 years of experience in cathodic protection in oil and gas industry;
  • At least 5 years experience on engineering technical position as cathodic protection specialist;
  • At least 5 years experience of installation, start up and maintenance of variety cathodic protection equipment;
  • Cathodic protection systems engineering experience;
  • Knowledge of standards, technical specifications and other international regulations concerning the protection of pipelines and metal structures from external corrosion;
  • Knowledge of modern equipment for protecting pipelines and metal structures from external corrosion;
  • Knowledge of methods for organization of planned maintenance work on installation, commissioning and repair of cathodic protection systems;
  • Software MS Office, Visio, PDF professional, autocad, Hysys, pipesim;
  • Language ability: Russian – fluent, English – low intermediate (fluent preferred)
  • Readiness for business trips. Including long-term – Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia;

Position obligations:

  • Technical analysis and technical solutions development for the cathodic protection system engineering;
  • Technical analysis of cathodic protection equipment data sheets;
  • Technical analysis of cathodic protection equipment, products and materials specifications;
  • Review and analysis of primary and secondary single-line and three-line electrical diagrams;
  • Technical analysis of cable routes plans and power/control cables types in order to identify; compliance of electric power cables’ cross-sections to power receiver;
  • Technical analysis of cathodic protection equipment vendor proposals;
  • Participation in development of technical asignments for cathodic protection system engineering for oil and gas facilities and procedures for installation, commissioning and acceptance of equipment for the cathodic protection system;
  • Monitoring and coordination of contractor’s work aimed ensure high-quality execution of installation and commissioning of cathodic protection system equipment in accordance with established standards, norms, rules, engineering technical documentation of cathodic protection;
  • Monitoring of condition and correctness of installation and commissioning of ECP equipment, as well as their acceptance;
  • Planning, organization and implementation of measures providing efficiency, maintenance of cathodic protection equipment;
  • Development of references, analytical notes, and comparative tables for cathodic protection system.


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