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Administrator of Administrative block complex

Administrator of Administrative block complex

Key job responsibilities:

  •         Ensuring the economic activities of the GPP Administrative block complex;
  •         Keeping records within his competence and providing established reporting forms;
  •         Organization and provision of goods and services for the proper functioning of all Company Departments, including the timely delivery of stationery, office supplies, preventive maintenance and repair of the premises of the Company;
  •         Acceptance, accounting, storage and timely distribution of the acquired property, equipment and other material values necessary for the implementation of the Company activities and its employees, preparation of documents for acceptance and transfer of the inventory items entrusted to him, control over their rational use;
  •         Participation in the inventory of the material values entrusted to him;
  •         Provides office workers with offset printing materials (business cards, letterheads, etc.);
  •         Maintains business correspondence and prepares documents regarding visa requests, registration of foreign citizens of the company at the place of residence, booking hotels and air tickets (train tickets, taxis, vehicles); provides dispatching of the appropriate materials;
  •         Organization and coordination of transportations within the country and scheduling of the transport services;
  •         Provision of transport for guests and employees of the company;
  •         Monitoring the activities of contractors and assessing their services for provision of vehicles.

Key Requirements:

  •         Higher education;

  •         Russian and Uzbek – fluent in speaking and writing,  English speaking is appreciated;

  •         Ability to work with a package of MS Office applications (Excel, Word, Power Point, Visio);

  •         At least 3 years of work experience.


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